Practice CA DMV Permit Tests

Practice CA DMV Tests
Practice Tests for the CA DMV Permit Exam

Practice California Learner Permit Tests Looking to pass your learners permit exam at your local California DMV the first time around? Then our practice multiple choice quizzes are the perfect medicine to ensure that you don't get an ill grade come test day. Not only does our internet driver ed program prep you by imparting all of the knowledge found in your California Driving Handbook, our course also comes paired with our one of a kind DMV practice quiz simulator that delivers students access to unlimited DMV practice quizzes.

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Practice Tests for  the CA DMV Permit Exam The Importance of Using Practice Quiz Questions Before Getting Your Permit 

  • Our practice exams are the same length as your DMV exam: 46 multiple choice questions!

  • Sample test questions are multiple choice, just like the permit test at the DMV

  • The practice DMV tests show students that reading each question carefully is essential

  • Studies show students completing practice tests before the actual test score higher than students ho did not take practice DMV tests

    The Importance of the CA DMV Driving Handbook 

    Driver handbooks also contain complete picture guides for all road signs (which are part of the written permit test).

  • When the CA DMV handbook is used in conjunction with a quality online course and practice tests, you are best equipped to succeed on your exam.

  • While practice tests are an important aid to passing the test, your DMV handbook is the single most important source of Permit Test information.

  • If you have memorized the CA DMV driver handbook then you should be able to ace your written permit test.

  • Not only should you have a copy of the DMV handbook, you should probably read it more than once to fully absorb the information.

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